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She had been drinking some wine and I could tell she was a little tipsy. She put the wine glass down and turned towards me. “Will, I need to tell you something,” she said. “Do you know how your father and I met?” This was new because we really never talked all that much because of the sexual tension. “No” I said. “Well,” she said, “We first met on the internet. We chatted for a few months and then he said he wanted to meet me. He flew to Korea and after a few days there he asked me to marry him and move to America. I really liked him and I knew he was a good man. The age difference didn't bother me because it is done all the time in my country. Marrying him would give me the chance to come to America and start a better life. Your father is good to me and in time I thought I would come to love him.” I sat there listening to her but I couldn't help myself. She was wearing one of my old t-shirts. She had to cut a V in the neck down to her cleavage to get it to fit right.. "What's the outside like?" I asked curious."Let's go see," she said and carried me through the front door. Her yardwas nice with neat flower beds lining the walkways of the house, and acouple large trees towards the front of the expansive yard. I foundmyself losing track of the height as I stared upwards at the immensetrees."Is this big by your standards?" I asked her."It's comfortable, most people would be quite happy to live in a housethis size," she said, "including me. You want to see the backyard or doyou want to get our shopping trip out of the way first?"I didn't really care about her backyard so I said, "get shopping out ofthe way I guess?" Let's go use your potty really quickly and then we'll go." You're going to use it too?" I joked to her.She looked a bit stunned at the joke. "well... umm... I am cleaning itafter you use it?"I sighed and let her carry me to the bathroom. She sat me down and Iwent just a little bit before saying. "That's all I have." That's fine," she said.
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