Indian Aunty 1073 (Part 07)

"Hi Sandra," they kind of muttered in twin unison."I hope you don't mind that I'll be crashing your car pool from now on." No problem ... I mean ... it's Derek's car," said Tom."Damn straight," laughed Derek and Sandy joined in with her own."Well, I hope you don't mind being seen with us." said Brett."Why would that be a problem?" she asked."I mean, we..." Tom started, but stopped out of embarrassment.Sandy laughed and looked at Derek. "Was I really that bad?" Yes, dear," grinned Derek.Tom and Brett became very confused. Not only was Sandra Turner not ignoring them, but it seemed she was being nice to all of them. Then they had the same thought. There pal Derek had just called the meanest bitch in the school "dear". He would be in trouble for that."But that's strictly past tense," added Derek with a grin."Well, I guess I'll need a little PR help," she laughed. "Hey guys?" What?" said the twins in unison, causing Sandy to laugh."Do you guys always do that? It's so cute."Again, the. The sight of Abbey crouching down, performing such a humiliating act, caused the gang of workers to become even louder in their comments. Joe beckoned to the boss and indicated that he should touch Abbey’s upthrust ass. The alcohol had done its work, and the gang boss was not slow to accept Joe’s invitation.Meanwhile, Abbey was intent on making sure that she licked Joe’s shoes clean and that she did not miss a single speck of dust, so she did not see what Joe had invited the gang boss to do. However, she soon felt his rough hands begin to explore her soft white ass.Abbey gasped and jerked in shock as the man’s work-worn hands began to grope her body roughly. However, although she was shocked when she felt his touch, she was secretly thrilled to know that her Master was once again preparing to humiliate her publicly.The idea that these dirty and uneducated men would use her, sent small tremors of pleasure running through Abbey’s body. Abbey paused from licking Joe’s shoes and bit her.
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