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.. I'm starting to lose it. But... I can hold on long enough for this thing to be resolved... one way or another."Helene nodded, "All right. If you need me, I'll be back up top."Ioke rubbed her eyes, "Do me a favor. In two hours, come back here and make sure I'm awake. I don't want to sleep, but I'm going to do it voluntarily or involuntarily real soon."Helene yawned again, "If I don't get some sleep tonight, I'm going to have the same problem."Ioke turned away, slid her hand in her pocket, fished out her key, fumbled with it for a minute, then unlocked her stateroom door. She'd made it about two steps into the darkened room when an arm was wrapped around her throat and a hand slammed over her mouth.Ioke closed her eyes and squirmed to get a better angle on biting the hand so that she could scream. The arm tightened around her throat, making it impossible to breathe."I've decided..." hissed a voice in her ear. "Not to kill you. In a second, I'm going to remove my hand from your mouth.. I’ve tried it out myself,” she smirked. “But not yet.”“So that means you told Melanie ‘yes’, doesn’t it?”“We’ll pick you up after work. Your curfew is 11:30pm, right?”“Yes. Is this Melanie’s ‘solo’ time?”“If you agree, yes.”“I’m fine with that. Can we switch topics?”“Sure.”“How did you know?”Jennifer burst out laughing, “Let me guess, you sampled Miss Will’s charms and found them entirely unsatisfying.”“I repeat, how did you know?”“Tell me first, I have to hear this.”“Well, a party populated by football players and cheerleaders is not my kind of a thing. Fortunately, Bethany was there, and I hung out with her. After we ate, we played what had to be the world’s most boring game of ‘Truth or Dare’. For people who are supposed to be screwing like bunny rabbits, they didn’t do anything other than French kissing. Even the questions were fairly tame, though I did have to admit to having sex with twelve different girls.”“Fourteen,” Jennifer interrupted, “fifteen if you count.
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