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He turned up with a woman called Kelli who was from the Grandteli Race of the Keltrian People. She had the large, dark purplish eyes of her race. She was a little taller than Lindell and had a pale caramel coloured skin, a full figure and her hair was long and straight with a pinkish tone to its paleness.David had found her when his ship jumped from Mars to Earth but missed his timeline by seventy odd thousand years into Earth’s past. David had told Storm that his old friend Mage Davin had sent him on a little mission to a different planet. He was to find some weapon for Storm, but he didn’t know why he needed it.When he had been thrown back to Kelli’s time, he had been rescued by her ship. It had a self-aware partially artificial being that he called an SAI. Zara controlled the ship and was the ship. She had gotten worried that David wouldn’t be able to get back to his time in his old ship.So she had grown him a little girl from his, Kelli’s and her DNA, so she could better control. “The Ramona was originally set up for a full complement of eighty-seven officers and crew, so your thirty-three, plus the eleven crewmen we currently have, plus my dad, Larry, and me, doesn’t really put much of a strain on her. Of course, I know that Larry and dad want to add at least another half dozen or so crew, but until then, if everyone pitches in, we’ll be just fine.”“So ... does that mean we can go” Vickie asked Captain Tab.“Whoa!” Captain Tab said as he put up both of his hands with his palms facing out. “Hang on there, sailors. While Barbara is correct in that the Ramona will handle all of you okay; let me remind you that this is not a pleasure cruise. Everyone will have to work. And when we shove off, we probably won’t be back until we either find the ship or we run out of time. So it’s very likely that we won’t be back for thirteen days. Are you all sure you want to be gone that long?”There was some general murmuring all around the tables as everyone discussed this new.
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