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I then took her hand in mine, and we walked to the entrance of the hallway. I stopped her there, let go of her hand, then put my arm around her very small waist.I waited. She eventually got it, and started us moving down the hallway to the entrance of the bedroom, and we stopped again.I would bet money, that at this time, when she was looking into where things were "going to get real", she only thought of it as "THE ROOM". I gave her these few moments, to let it sink in, that this was really going to happen.I must admit, I love this part. Maybe it is the sadist in me. But, only working on a mental level, rather than a pain level. That would come soon enough.I brought my hand up her back, traveling the spine, and doing so, very slowly. The shiver of her body at this, had the already pacing "Demon", start to move faster.My hand now on the back of her neck, I leaned into her ear and in a very low tone, I said,"You've met your Master. Are you ready to meet your Demon, slave?" Yes Sir". I see somebody who needs to be refreshed,rejuvenated, be made to live again. It's not over for you yet. There'sstill more minutes left in the game. But ... you've let it get to you toohard. You look older than I know you must be."The room was silent for another moment."Maybe you're right," said the woman finally. "I'll give you the silver --but not the gold, because you forgot one important thing: you see a loser.A great big, colossal loser in the game of life." I said I wouldn't be harsh," the waitress replied."So you admit that's what you see," demanded the woman.The waitress sighed. "I see a man in drag who is absolutely convinced he'sa victim. He thinks he's downtrodden, oppressed, wounded, wronged, andleft in the gutter to die. And he desperately wants credit for that. I seea martyr in the making. You want someone to feel sorry for you, thenthat's all you're ever going to be -- a sorry excuse for a human being.Playing the pity game is usually a pretty self-fulfilling prophecy.
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