She Knows The Art

. as my mind slowly clawed its way out of the deeper place it had fled to. I could still feel the pieces of that place in my mind ... and I knew it would only get easier. I knew I would find myself there more often.That was the place where submission was as natural as breathing. Where obedience covered all thought with a thick warmth that felt like safety and acceptance.I could feel Devnikolus' hot seed leaking from my still pulsing sex, and then slithering down the inside of my thigh. It slid over one of the welts the belt had inflicted, and the sting of it made me jump in my bonds."You look exquisite, little one," said the demon in the room.I opened my eyes. I hadn't remembered shutting them.He was standing in front of me. His dark hair had tumbled over his pale face and obscured one of his red eyes. He was wearing a boyish smile that made him seem young and happy, and carefree."Every time I look at your face, I can see just a little bit more of what you will become," he said. Gary asked them to join us, so they laid a thick 4x8' plywood sheet on the basement Bumper Pool table over some towels to protect the rails. Dani pulled a painter's tarp over the makeshift table and covered it all with a heavy tablecloth. The conversion was so fast and smooth that it must be a frequent happening. Gary cleaned up and used the small elevator, which accessed all three levels of their Colonial home, to go down to the well-finished basement playroom.Dowdy Dani finished preparing finger foods, salad and frozen pizza then sent it all down on a small table in the tiny elevator. While the two friends cleaned up, Sue and I helped Dani set the 'table'. Neither of us commented on the extreme improvement in Dani's appearance despite the long, somber, charcoal dress.We'd only known the couple three months, yet in all that time we rarely saw Dani dressed in anything but the most conservative and bulky clothes. With her hair always up in a bun, and her long, bland sweaters and.
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