But, through my gentle bite on your lovely swan neck, I have started to turn you into such a creature. I had hoped I would be speaking to my dear Thomasina, though I fear now that the one I love within you is lost! She is quiet in my head at last, so I address you, Satan. We, you and I, are Vampires and know this, Vampires are immortal and they can never die. You may be immortal, but you are trapped in this body now for eternity. You can never leave this body through death and go back to your Hell, leaving your Devils leaderless and with no Devilish Plan to follow. There will be no ‘Son of Satan’ walking the earth, no ‘Daughter of Satan’ either, no Satanic ritual incest of Kings or Queens.”“You cannot be immortal, only Archangels and Angels, Devils and I are —”“Why do you think my ‘predecessors’ as WitchFinder Generals’ were always my ‘grandfathers’, with my ‘fathers’ in between declared as farmers or nonentities. My fathers never actually existed, except for fictitious entries in. I laid a clean, dry towel out on my bed. I reached into the top nightstand drawer and pulled a bottle of lube and a prostate massager. I set them carefully on the nightstand, closed the drawer, and filled the empty glass on the nightstand with water. Even though I had the house to myself, I still closed the door behind me. I love having privacy, and it made the mood more intimate. I laid down on the bed, and stretched my arms and legs out. I put my hands on the pillows next to my head, and started breathing easy and relaxing as the sun cast its dying light through the picture window and on to my naked flesh. I felt the blood flow through my body, and felt my stress leaving me. As my stomach rose and fell with each breathe, I let my fingertips gently graze my chest. It felt good, and my penis responded in kind. I felt the life start to flow into my fat, gorgeous manhood. My penis got wider and started getting harder. I had to be careful to not come to fast. I closed my.
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