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In a way, I was relieved. I was free once again. I drove straight to Catherine's.Catherine still lived at home with her parents. Alex was the one with the big mansion in the hills. Her shiny Mercedes looked rather out of place parked on the street amidst the used Toyota's and Buick's in her lower-middle-class neighborhood. When I knocked, her parents let me in. We had met on a few occasions. Catherine was relaxing in her room, listening to music and writing in her diary. I asked if she would go for a ride with me, and soon we were cruising down the freeway, going nowhere. She looked beautiful.It was late afternoon and the sun would be setting soon. We stopped by a Starbucks and I bought her a Cafe Mocha. We got to the beach, still relatively busy on this late summer Sunday. We took off our shoes and walked hand in hand along the surf, just talking to each other. To this point, we had deftly avoided conversation about "us." We were still the same good friends we had always been, and. I did not realize that as I leaned from the upper berth, they could see my navel area and cleavage perfectly.They passed me the joint with the same lusty spark that Arvind and others had at the station.I took a few puffs and passed them the joint again, leaning down and this time, intentionally showing my bra to them, as I was feeling naughty. Then I got down and went to Arvind to see if he was up and if he also wanted to smoke up.Arvind was sleeping tight and asked me to go to my seat and sleep too. I was a little disappointed with this as I was mellow high and wanted to spend some time with him now. As I came back to my seat, the 2 guys there asked me if everything was ok, and where did I go? I told them about it.They offered me to join for another round. I agreed as I had nothing else to do. I asked them to get on the upper berth opposite me. They rolled one and we started smoking again, discussing where we all are from where we are headed. It turned out they were also going to.
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