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I love to admire the beauty of nature and its creations and also figures with nice structures and assets specially boobs and assess. Frankly to tell one thing that I loved was, is & will is to fuck a air hostess. Coz in childhood I used to admire the aeroplanes and its beauty a lot but after growing up I am admiring the aeroplanes very less and admiring the airhostess very much. This incident happened to me two months ago, that’s in the month of december 2016 since I was unemployed from past 3 months and used to spend the time in house.Around in the month of october a new neighbour had shifted to our locality and they were next to my house which they had took for rent. To be honest they were christian’s, the kadoos looking man was here husband (maybe he was 35+ but less than 40’s)and her wife was like a beautiful babe with beautiful structure and assets (maybe 29yrs to 32yrs). The kadoos man, to look he was very rude but by nature and words he was soft and nice to everyone. He was. I said, “nowadays when I look at young girls I feel very tensed, I am very attracted towards them my hair becomes erect. More over when I see some exotic pictures and movies my tools stands erect and I end up masturbating.” I saw that she was extremely indulged in listening. The next question was, “What do you feel when you see me?” God, I’d been waiting for this. I replied immediately, “don’t mistake me, to be frank i’ve been fantasizing about you from long time. You are the most beautiful women i’ve ever seen in my life. Your breast is the most attractive part i’ve fantasized about apart from your lips and ass.” She laughed at that and asked, “how do you that, you have never seen any of my private parts?” I said, “I just imagine.” She started aloud, “Idiot don’t imagine them anymore, today I’m going to show them in real!!!!!!!!!!!” I was shocked. I asked, “ please don’t joke.” To prove her seriousness, “She dropped her nighty. I was just amazed and shocked for a movement. For the.
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