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’ Faith step backwards. ‘Yeah, you did.’ She breathed. Jimmy looked up. ‘I love Steven so much, but over the time. I started noticing it was never the same between him and me as you guys. He loves you and shows less emotion towards me, I didn’t cheat on him. but Mark showed me more emotion then Steven shown me in months. Today Steven want love from me. I had to break it off. Do you know how hard it was for me to tell Steven no. I felt him pull away from me each day. Maybe I did pull away too. But I I cant take this feeling of being nothing in his life. Faith breathed in slowly. ‘Your still a spineless prick and I don’t feel sorry for you, Steven has more balls than you and is the best thing that has happen to you. One day you will wake up and regret this and will try to get him back. But I hope I’m there to see Steven not forgive you.’ Jimmy looked into Faith eyes. He thought about what she said. Faith walked out of the gym then holding her head high. She didn’t feel any better,. He knocked again.“Come on, Genie, Jasmine, just open the door. I won't stop you, I just wanna watch.”On the other side of the door, Genie waspounding Jasmine deep inside her pussy,doggy style. His balls slapped against herarse as he fucked her jet fast. Jasmine’s toes curled as they both climaxedtogether. They held each other as their juicescontinued spurting jets of cum. Jasmine’spussy dripped with her cum and Genie’s.Jasmine let Genie slowly ease his cock outof her. She turned around and faced his massiveblue schlong. She grasped his cock with bothand jerked and sucked his gigantic dick untilhis balls were empty of jizz.Jasmine walked to the door, whileGenie lay down on the bed, completely spent.She let Aladdin in. He stared at his cum coveredgirlfriend and at Genie laying down naked ontheir bed.“Oh good.” said Jasmine as she lay on the bedwith her legs wide open.“You arrived just in time for cleaning us up.”Aladdin had no idea how to respond.His friend and girlfriend had betrayed.
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