Desi Couple Romance

?She had gotten all of these luxuries growing up and expected Brad tocontinue providing them.? They lived in alarge home given to them as a wedding gift. Sheila was 25 years old and was quite beautiful.? She had long brown hair and a very prettyface with beautiful teeth.? The perfectteeth cost her parents a fortune when she was a child. Her only weakness was asomewhat large nose that was typical of her Jewish heritage. She was 5 foot, 7inches tall.? Her tits, which wereordinarily large, were now swollen in pregnancy.? Sheila was six months pregnant and because ofthat, more whiney and spoiled than usual. She was just putting on her lingerie, all designer, ofcourse. She wore big white lace panties.?You could see her dark bush through the lace material.? Sheila loved to wear panties that were likeold-fashioned bloomers.? They came up toher belly button. With them, she wore a matching white lace maternity bra.? Brad could not help thinking that the whitepanties and bra were the perfect. She didn’t know that. But it gave me an excuse to be away from the sci-fi club, let her affection cool down a little when I “returned”. I called her about once a week for the next two weeks to let her know how things were doing, that I missed her, and so on and so forth.The third time she called me. I was driving home at the time, which was good. I usually leave the phone on vibrate, but if it had rung at home I would have either had to ignore it somehow or decide I wasn’t going to get it because it was a “salesman or something”. That excuse had worked on my wife pretty well.“Steve, I’ve got something to tell you.” Teresa told me.And I knew. Before she said the next words, I knew. My spine turned to ice, and my heart started pounding my chest so hard I thought it might pop out.“I’m late,” she told me.I was quiet for a second. Then I asked the most lame guy question. “Are you sure?”She sighed condescendingly. “Oh, I’m sure. One kit, and then Sally drove me to Planned Parenthood, and.
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