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“I’m admiring my winnings. As little slave girls go, I do say, you are a pretty one, and you evidently know your way around a kitchen. I might also add that I can understand why John was acting creepily around you, if that’s how you felt about it. You are a very attractive girl, Samantha. Any man who wasn’t, or isn’t, at least somewhat aroused by your appearance definitely has a medical issue, probably death.” I chuckled and got a smile from her.“Thank you, but it’s my way of paying my way, so to speak, but just the same as you wouldn’t force a magazine into anything, I wouldn’t want to be forced into anything for providing a visual. I know it’s not the same and might even be dangerous around a less stable individual, but I’ve tried to make the right choices, and I can always go wait tables if I have to. I just would rather not.”“I would rather you didn’t either. I like the view. I also think you’re smart. I can’t wait for those discussions. You find everything you need last. You are married so you know how to seduce a woman and I have known you long enough to know that you are not a gay gay ... what is the matter?Well Vanessa, I am indeed happily married and want to remain faithful even though the sex is substandard but your appearance is such that you could tempt the Pope.Well then?Well, suppose I try to seduce you effectively, you go into this, we cuddle a bit, kisses, caress each other, but then I have to tell you we can't go on. It would harm our friendship and I don't want to lose you; rather a good friend without sex than almost sex and then a past friendship.Because of feelings of guilt towards your wife, you mean?No, I would have put them aside even before the first step, but I am simply closed.Gekkie, I would have broken you open properly otherwise, don't you think?Spiritually, but you see, what I actually meant by not being able to go on simply refers to physically; I am indeed not gay but I do like kinky sex.Oh, how suddenly you are.
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