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She was my aunty, a tall, slim brunette who was 38 at the time. She kept fit through yoga and nothing would thrill me more than to see her in her tight outfits. People would comment on how close me and my cousin were but in truth, this was only because of my desire to perve on his mother. For years I fought this urge and would be rather embarrassed as I found myself sniffing her underwear and privately wanking off under the covers, my excuse to my cousin being, I was using the toilet.However this secret was soon to get out when Christmas came that year. Thankfully my uncle is extremely dim and would not notice the alcohol take a hold of my aunty as she danced with me and smothered me with rather affectionate kisses. I ran off toilet to continue my fantasy before discovering I didnt need to. My aunty had followed me. "My head is buzzing", she laughed to which I had no reply. "You're a very good dancer", I told her. I must have been blushing however because like any woman, she noticed. But this time he managed to undo my blouse buttons to allow his hand inside and on to my bra. It funny, I wasn't thinking about what he was doing to me but how I wished I had worn a more sexy bra, not that I owned any of course. By our fifth date I had become used to his hands on my body, I would fight him for awhile but eventually I would allow him access.He told me one night, just as he dropped me off at home that on Saturday we had been invited to a party. He picked me up at eight and we drove off. I could see he wasn't happy, I had worn my best party dress but somehow he didn't like it. We drove to his sister's house where her husband Bill answered the door; his sister Kathy took me up to her bedroom."Now let's see if we can find something for you love shall we," she said, "you and me are about the same size." T-thanks," I stuttered feeling very uncomfortable."Take that dress off love while I find something," she said and she started to rummage through her wardrobe. "Yes this.
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