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No reply.Olivia crept down the hallway to the den, careful to navigate the old floor and avoid the creaky spots. She leaned into the doorway and saw her father asleep in his chair, head tilted back, a faint snore creeping from his open mouth. A tattered bible lay in his lap, opened to the front of the book, no doubt to the Old Testament passages he enjoyed. Across from his chair with her back facing Olivia, her mother swayed rhythmically in an old rocking chair, gentle creaks keeping time to the silent whir of her knitting needles. A distant relative’s grandfather clock ticked in the corner, a beat slightly counter to the creaks of the chair.Sensing her moment, Olivia retraced her steps down the hall and quietly climbed the stairs to her room. After closing and locking the door, she unbuttoned her full-body dress and flopped it on her neatly made rope bed. She stood in front of the mirror against her wall and stared at an olive skinned, sixteen year old girl wearing traditional Amish. "OK,I'm not that fond of hurting girls, just want a bit of fun". "Yes, Sir, andI hope you'll be satisfied. If not, please ask for a replacement and statethe reason for your complaint". "OK, any other rules?" "There's an informationfolder in the desk, Sir. Clients are encouraged to study it, but I've mentionedthe most important parts, except that clients are not allowed to enter theslave camp, which is clearly marked by a fence and has only one entrance, witha guard". "And if I break the rules, I'll be expelled?" "Yes, Sir. The Directorhas set them up to ensure that all of our guests have a pleasant stay and enforcesthem very firmly". "OK. You said she's in here?" Giorgio returned to the sitting room and stoppedabruptly. A young woman was in front of the window, displaying herself, handsclasped behind her head and legs spread. She was dressed in a long skirt madeof the same white, transparent silk as the receptionist's apron, fastened lowon her hips with a chain and slit to the waist.
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