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" She flipped throughthe framed photographs, and said, "I think you should display these onesof you with your mother as a baby, oh and this one since your long hairmakes you look like a girl." Yes Miss Heather," I said fiddling with the strings as I fastened theapron, and tried to work out the best way to wear the lacy Alice bandhairpiece.Looking at me Heather said as I got the band to sit on my springy hair."My you look perfect now you're correctly uniformed as my maid Angela!Just like I imagined. You can arrange your room later before bed, go andmake me a tray of tea girl. You can serve it in the garden once I havechanged into my bikini, I'll take it by the pool. Then I want you to geton with cleaning and hoovering the downstairs as its not been doneproperly since Beryl left two weeks ago." Yes Miss," I said, as she walked out clearly feeling pleased withherself."I see you approve," Heather chortled as she waltzed past me wearingwhat was even in the 1990's a tiny bikini. "I'll have. For a moment it was a little chaotic, with three bodies squirming around, but then I was flat on my back, Mary and Francine kneeling either side of me, and they began, working instinctively like a well oiled team they began to make love to me, their lips and tongues searching out and caressing every conceivable part of my body, sending me into raptures over and over again.They worked on my breasts until I thought they were going to explode, then took turns working on my overheated pussy. I was amazed at how different it felt when each of them was working on my pussy, Francine was slow and sensual whereas Mary was quick and darting, but the effect was the same from each, rapturous ecstasy as orgasm after orgasm ripped through me, sending me off to some distant Galaxy called satisfaction. Then I found myself on my own, and I turned over to see Mary and Francine entwined, their faces buried between each other's legs, moaning and shuddering as they brought the maximum pleasure possible.
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