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As he went past along the front of the small houses, each with a small garden, some well tended and others pretty neglected, he noticed a blonde woman, bending over with a garden fork, tending a small bed of roses. She looked up as he passed, and he thought that she was in her mid-thirties, not bad looking, but with rather a wide mouth, a small nose and bright blue eyes, which gave him a distinct smile as he passed."It's a bit hot for gardening" he said, slowing down by her garden gate." You bet" she replied, "but it's got to be done, otherwise the weeds take hold and in no time it's a mess". "Why don't you get your husband to do it?" he asked. "I don't have a husband" she replied, "and my partner is away on business. In fact he's away quite a bit, as he's a long distance lorry driver, so if I don't get on with some of these chores, they don't get done. I have a teenage son of 14, but he's not interested in the slightest". "I can believe it" said Van, "I don't think I ever helped in. Liz had two younger sisters who she was always glad to get away from temporarily whenever she'd sleep over at Angie's but Angie was an only child. That might have been part of the reason why the two girls had grown so close in their relationship.During the sophomore year of high school, Liz had gone over to Angie's house again one Friday night and the two girls had really enjoyed themselves. They'd spent the evening listening to music and looking at teen girls' magazines, and then they'd snacked and spent time just talking and giggling and enjoying being with each other. Angie's mom and dad had been with them during supper but they'd mostly left the two teenage girls to themselves after that. Liz and Angie had spent the evening sequestered in Angie's bedroom.Late in the evening, Liz began to notice that Angie's conversations and her questions were becoming more and more sexually oriented. She'd even hinted a couple of times at things like whether or not Liz was still a virgin, and.
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