Boss Ki Wife Ko Mene Choda

" Stacy tried to use her best big sister voice and hoped it was good enough. Her curiosity was really starting to kick into overdrive. Who was this girl? Whoever it was Stacy hated her for winning her brother"s affections.Finally Ricky spoke again, "Even if that girl is your very own sister?"Stacy felt her mouth drop a little as her mind processed what her brother had just said. Surely he didn't just profess his love for her?Part of her jumped for joy at her triumph and the knowledge that what she wanted was so close to her grasp. All she had to do was reach out and take it. There was no denying to herself that she wanted Ricky. She wanted Ricky bad. Another part of her was scared to death at what would happen if she and her brother gave into fantasies of flesh and somehow found even deeper rooted feelings for each other than that. She had so many questions flying through her head that she couldn't even pin point one.Before Stacy could put her thoughts in order Ricky was by her side. He kept talking and some how worked hisway to asking me if I had ever got my dick sucked buy a guy. Not knowingwhat to say I told him the truth, "yes a few times". Just as I said that Inoticed him "adjust" himself. He asked "BY WHO" is a semi-surprised voice.So I told him about my friend when I was 8 and another friend when I was 14(leaving out many in-between not knowing his reaction) he said somethingalong the lines of "oh that's cool" so I returned the question. Hehesitantly answered "yes a few too" so I asked who, he told me his buddyand some random guys while working one their security systems (which heinstalled for a living) I was BLOWN AWAY. This was all followed by about 10 minutes of silence, and then hecleared this throat. And asked "are you still into that?" excited butscared I asked "why" and he asked if he could take off his boxers so ofcourse I replied with "only if I can to" which was basically YES I'M INTOTHIS STILL. We both stripped buck ass naked, and my.
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