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I prepare the room as my Dark Lord has commanded and I sit in the chair with my legs open and my hands by my sides as commanded. Every nerve ending is tingling as I hear the key in the lock. My heart pounds as I see His face and the wicked grin He gets when he sees me sitting there as He directed. He rolls towards me after He has put His bag down. He caresses my face with the back of His hand and says Good pig.Turn around and straddle the chair pig so that Daddy can see your ass with that plug in it. I do as commanded. When I am in that position You grab the base of the plug and slowly ease it a bit out of my ass and push it back in. you do this a few times and it is making my whole body tremble. You whisper to me as You are pushing the plug into me again that it is time for me to be gagged and to get on the bed.Please Daddy I say and You say Please what pig and I say one word “more”. You laugh that evil laugh of Yours and smack my ass as I walk over to the bed. I sit there as You put. “It was so hard to listen to my child cry. It hurt when she’d say, “Please don’t let Daddy hurt me, Mommy.” I think you might understand that better than most.”I did. As she sipped her beer, my mind went back; Sia, six years old, her body wracked with grief, crying and clinging to me as if afraid I, too, would die. It’s one of the hardest things in the world to see your child hurt and not be able to make it better. It wasn’t a scrape or bruise that a kiss and Band Aid would make better. It was a deep psychological pain inaccessible to a father’s kiss. Only patience, love, and time could reach it.“I understand completely,” I assured her.Alia continued. “I started keeping Jasmin in bed with me. It comforted her. It helped her to sleep. It provided the safety and security she so desperately needed.”Smiling, I interjected, “I did the same for Sia.”Alia nodded and smiled slightly. She twirled her half-empty beer glass and looked down at it. Her voice grew softer. “Jasmin stayed in my bed,.
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