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Sara leans over the screen and taps a clawed finger on the monitor,"That one looks like an uncle of mine," she joked, then Paige moves intoa church battle and the gore really flows on the game "Now that onethere looks like my aunt for sure!" Sara points on the screen and laughsat the game.I watch on, over the rest of the room, then drift off and stand nearerto the back by my door. For some reason, I really want to stay closer tothe door and not the game? But that feeling of 'dirty' is reallystarting to get bad on my arms now, I am scratching at them and tryingto 'rub' them clean?After Sara leans back up from looming over Paige, she glances my way andcan see I am not looking good? She gives me a playful bump as she asksme "You okay?" Fine, just fine." I mumble back to her and scratch at my arms even moreharshly.Paige comes upon a section 'boss' in the game and most of the other kidsin my room howl and root for her to beat it. My eyes never stop watchingthe screen, I can't seem to look. Where are we and who are these guys?”The scarecrow called Vanessa looked up at the other scarecrow as it came and sat down with the others and said, “Oh, hi mom. I don’t know where we are or who these guys are but I am just so hungry!”Mrs Clusky didn’t need any other prompting but was up at her pot of broth in a flash ladelling it into two bowls for the newcomers to the table. She placed the food in front of the two women and said, “Now you git that stuff inside of yuh then we can talk later. You two younguns could have died out there today if it weren’t for this here gentlemen and myself comin’ to the rescue. We sent that brainless bum of a husband packing but he might come back. But we can sort that out later. We gotta get the life back into you two and it looks to me like you still need a mite more sleep. So eat up them vitals and then we’ll see what happens.”Jared and his neighbor watched the hot broth get wolfed down by their hungry guests. And to Jared they really did look like.
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