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I am heavily made up and my nails and lipsare scarlet.Imagine my absolute terror when I turned around to see my pretty petiteneighbour Sarah sitting at my table smiling. "Well, well, well, Whathave we here? I thought I saw someone in a fancy black dress taking outthe rubbish, I thought that you might have a girlfriend at last, so Ithought I would pop round and say hello to her, but what do I find; alittle sissy maid. So I got to thinking, my house needs a bit ofcleaning and unless you would like me to tell everyone about your littlesecret, you will be round mine in ten minutes - just as you are - andready to spend the rest of this weekend in cleaning my house".With that she left and I was left swallowing, I could feel my heartpounding against my false breast. "Shit" I thought "now what am I goingto do" But I knew exactly what I had to do, so I very quickly ranaround and slipped in the back door of her house. She was now sitting ather kitchen table with a huge grin on her face."I. Lowes several times at this point. Even though I was much, much younger than him, I believe I was in love with him and he with me. Looking back, maybe it was just lust, but it doesn't matter much. Mr. Lowes had a huge, thick cock with a huge, full ball sack, that I could not get enough of. I had heard the term, "gay" before and my friends would joke about it, but I wasn't even 100% percent sure what it meant. I just knew I was drawn to this big, strong, sexy man and he to me. As much as I enjoyed him making me cum, I think I enjoyed making him cum even more. I loved how nervous he would get around me, how much he wanted me. It was a huge turn on and very confidence inspiring for a young, small youth. The next time I saw Mr. Lowes was at one of my parents get togethers. As nervous as I was to see him, he seemed to be more nervous. That made me feel bold. When he headed toward the bathroom, I followed him. I snuck in behind him when no one was around or looking. Mr. Lowes seemed.
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