Bishnuteen Ki Gand Ka Chhed Chouda Kar Karke Chhoda

Main bihar ke ek chote se gawon se hun aur main jis gawon mein rahta hun usi ki ek jamindar ki bhatiji se mujhe pyaar ho gaya tha.Baat un dino ki hai jab hum saathmein school aur phir colege jana suru kiye paur hamara pyaar age badha..un dino jab hum dono bahut hi ache premi ban gaye the tabhi mujhe ye baat mere premika se pata chali ki kaise uske chacha ne uski sosan ki aur kaise use ladki se aurat banaya.Achank ek din wo rote bilakte mere pass ayi jahan hum kheton mein mila karte the aur is daowran maine use khub choda bhi…ye main aap ko baad mein batuynga…Ek din usne kaha ki use mujhse nahi chudwana hai to mai baht gusse mein agaya kyun ki us hi din maine apni maa ko apne bhur mein ungali karte hue dekha tha aur mujhe use bahut chodne ka man tha…par mere premika ne mujhe chodne se mana kar diya aur kaha ki uski masik chal rahi hai..par mujhe ye sab pata tha ki wo jhut bol rahi hai..tabhi maine baat jad se pata lagayi to usne mujhe bataya ki kal raay uske piyak chacha ne kaise use. "Shee-ew! I stink." If this is your idea of a romantic outing, Michael, we need to have a lo-o-ng talk," Anna told me.Anna's comment about a bathtub caused me to think. Picking up my sword, I began searching around the carved basin in the floor next to the wall. The circular disk was only an arm's length away. Moments later, water began cascading down the wall, splashing into the shallow pool."Water?" How..." Anna started again. This time, I held up my hand."Just wait," I told her. While we waited, I began searching the Army chests for towels. The Army, I found, was like the Boy Scouts. They came prepared, but not for bathing. We only found a single hand towel. Still, at least we could rinse off. A few minutes later, I detected a few wisps of steam coming from the pool. It was time.The sisters waited only long enough to see that there was no danger before they joined me in the small pool, squealing and laughing.Suddenly Anna grabbed my balls. "Okay, we've been patient. Spill it,.
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