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Jill rose and kissed him on his cheek. Norton looked in her eyes, held her hand and continued on further deep in the woods until they came to a clearing. It was very silent and getting dark also like the night. The snow was untouched, pure and innocent like a chapel. Leaning back on a fallen tree, Norton took her in his arms and kissed her hard. It was almost unexpected from him because so far he had not shown any such behavior. She kissed him back, snuggling into his warm jacket and abruptly felt his cold hands on her waist, trying to pull her shirt out of her pants. His hands were now moving up to her breasts. It felt very good but his hands were so cold that it made her gasp as his fingers dwindled around her nipples. Norton’s kisses were making her dizzy and she wanted to push him away but this was not possible for her and his kisses would not stop as well. Jill relaxed and let his touches warm her a bit. Before she knew, his hands were tugging at her zipper and then her pants. That’s when he came to her mind. They called him Hawk. A minute to glance and she never forgot his sheer, rugged handsome face. Dark as molasses, brown eyes like a deer. His hair was braided but reached to his waist. His thighs were like granite. Raven jumped, she didn’t know how long she had slept. Had she heard a sound? She jumped up but didn’t go to see. If she had she would have seen the Hawk resting quietly at the opening. Noting her surroundings were quiet. She took some bathing items and walked into the shadow of the cave. Turning the corner she seen her own private heated pool of water. Bringing the candles she lit them all. As she finished the last flickering light, she turned and pulled her clothing off. The walls shimmered from the mineral deposits. The gold was sparkling as she slipped into the water. The water was so warm she immediately began to see her skin glisten. She sat on a natural rock laying back she saw her breasts. They were pointing straight up high, proud.
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