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They lived next door to my family and I knew her elder brother from day one. Andrew and I went to school together from KG till the high school graduation. A very typical suburban lifestyle. Same like houses, cars, furniture and vacation plans at the shore. Andy went off to a different college than mine. After the college, we both moved back home working, looking for better jobs and saving some money for the next events of life. It was not only Elain that had gone through many changes in her physical appearance and life but I and Andy too; the two suburban boys with main goals of life to take the bike rides, collect comic books and spending most time and money at the ice cream parlors in the neighborhood; also grew up from bike rides to trains and then car rides all over the city and beyond. From ice cream and soda to smoking the cigarettes and guzzling beers. From the comic books to Playboy, Screw and Penthouse. From fantasizing about pussies to lying about them and then doing plenty. She sighed but couldn't suppress a grin. Daddy always acted goofy like this when her Mom was out on tour. Mom was pretty much the disciplinarian of the house. She always kept an eye on Avanti's school work and she would have never allowed such shenanigans until all the homework was done.In Avanti's defence though, she did struggle to put an end to it. She only stopped struggling when Daddy kissed her on the lips. At just about the same time, she became aware of his erection as it pressed down on her thigh through his pajama bottoms. The sensation sent the hormones racing through her young body and suddenly it no longer made any sense to keep struggling. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, opening her mouth to let his tongue slither in. She did not resist at all when he pulled off her t-shirt and shorts. And as for her bra and panties, she actually helped him take them off.There was no need for much foreplay. After just a couple of minutes of kissing and.
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