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Whatever her appearance, Ivy knew her job and quickly had the Marine lay Omar in the tube she'd prepared for him. Her calm, professional manner, together with the AI's translation, reassured Hamida that her son would soon be well. Both the men turned their backs as the blonde nurse helped Yamina undress; the young wife was still in shock after what had happened and neither of them wanted to add to her distress.Hamida had turned away as well, though that was more to show her disapproval of the way the concubine was dressed, or scandalously undressed. She sat by Omar's pod with her back very definitely turned to the Confederacy nurse, radiating disapproval.Ivy checked the readouts on Yamina's med-tube. She advised Nick, "Sir, we don't have a CAP estimate for Yamina. She's thirteen, so she should have one. Shall I run one while she's in the tube?" How much time will it add?" About five minutes extra, sir. We can run it along with her general checkup. Even with that, she'll be out before. I thought he was going to lose it right then and there when he entered the room. He just stood there with his mouth open, his hand subconsciously rubbing his growing erection."I forgot something upstairs, I'll be right back." No, you stay right there; I have a favor to ask of you."I knew it was now or never, so I just blurted it out."Will you make love to me, Jack? I want you to take my virginity; you're the only one I can trust." Anne, are you sure? I have always fantasized about you, about making love to you; I just don't know if I can, I'm a virgin, too." Jack, I teach you everything you have to know. Come on let's go upstairs to my room; I have to shower first."We practically ran upstairs. When we got to my room, I made him sit on my bed, while I stripped out of my workout clothes."You sit right there, and don't even think about playing with yourself. I'll only be a few minutes."I stood in front of him, as I slipped out of my shorts and top, and stood in front of him completely.
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