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” Sierra calls out to me as I hurriedly try to leave her room but her commanding tone of voices stops me dead in my tracks.“I guess you wanted my help with an essay?” She asks as I stand in the doorway to her bedroom desperately hoping this conversation will end and I can escape this awkwardness.“Yeah, I’ll come back later though when you’re, urm, finished.” I tell her starting to take a step out of her room but I stop in my tracks when she speaks again.“Wait.” She tells me with an almost nervous sounding sigh, it takes her a couple of seconds before she says anything else and when she does speak again she just asks me a question, “Corey, do you know what quid pro quo means?”“Yeah, basically it means help me and I’ll help you.” I tell her having absolutely no idea why she is asking me this.“Corey, I need you to look at me.” Sierra tells me still sounding nervous and confusing me even more but also exciting me because I hadn’t heard her putting on any clothes and I’m certain that she. I said ok and we talk about everything and anything having sex with her was my agenda I was very much like to do that. We made some shopping as we came home she asked me to come back at 8:30 pm and as my habit of sleeping is 1 am and her son will sleep at 3 am. We can’t meet at mid night even my grand ma might caught us. I went back to her on time and she was waiting for me near door. I went near door and asked for gift then she said just a min. and went inside told to her son not to come outside as she was bathing. She came back to me and she lifted her nighty up she have not where anything inside she is completely nude and kept that nighty in my hand and said here is gift.I said I dint need this I need your body for today enjoy with your eyes please I your grand ma could caught us then I hugged her. She told me to hide in small place behind staircase and enjoy her bath. She bathed there for a hour all the sudden her son started calling so, I left that place on one Sunday afternoon.
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