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“I guess I’d want to be me again,” I suggested.“I figured you might say that. Most people envy people who are rich or powerful while the are still, you know, alive. You never were like that. So wherever he sends you, it will be the same for you. You’ll just make the best of it. Just for the hell of it, what if your next stop is an animal?”“Does he do that,” I asked.“Sure some people need to be taught a lesson,” the man in black said. “I think they are ready to pull your plug. Do you want to see the end?”“Sure why not. When they pull it will I go somewhere immediately?” I asked.“Yes and you won’t even remember any of this. It’s a brand new beginning for you.” He said that as he turned the monitor to me.On the monitor, I was in a hospital bed hooked to all kinds of shit. I heard the doctor tell them that there was no hope. I had a massive stroke after my trike had been hit by a teenager one her way to school. I had been on my way home from a morning work out ride. Yes Mikah was also. Under my blanket, my own body is already betraying me with a hot dampness trickling between my legs.His hand slides up underneath the leg of my panty pushing my panty gusset aside. I draw in a deep expectant breath. It is an experienced hand that firmly engulfs my naked pussy. His thumb has little difficulty in locating my tingling clit, partnered by a finger that is simultaneously inserted into my vagina. To my chagrin, my pussy pulses and grips his finger.Is it my imagination, or can I smell myself?He fucks me with his hand, tickling and teasing, entering and withdrawing. My clit swells under his circling thumb, while his finger slides in and out of my wet pussy.Almost swallowing my pillow I am silently screaming, “Yes, finger me! finger me! finger me!”Monsieur Henri dutifully does just that. Underneath my panties, he steadily finger-fucks my bare wet slit. ~ ~ ~ Somewhere during the night, I make my excuses and leave my seat heading for the nearest bathroom. Locking myself in, I.
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