Bhabhi Ne Kari Devar Ko Rate Rangin With Devar Bhabhi

Sometimes you act like you don't even know who you are!WTF?!Let's face it; our kind has always fought among one another. The reasonsfor it don't even matter anymore. Hatred and prejudice, pride and egoism,fear and war have always been an ugly reality for us all. These aspectsare inherent in nature, but only in us human beings. These aremanifestations of the dark side of our own collective personality at ourlevel of consciousness and awareness that we, unfortunately, cannot denyor avoid. These are protective devices and were meant to be controlled byus through Her. Did you think that there wasn't a dark side? Obviously,there is. Did you think that you're it, or some part of it? If so, youare wrong! She made no mistakes. We are the ones who made the mistakes.We betrayed her trust in us. We abused Her gifts of independent thoughtand free choice. We are the ones who turned our backs on spirituality andcreated a religion that hates nature, and because we embraced it, weevolved improperly. Christine said I got there just in time and she was fine. I did notice her looking at the floor board and blushing red.At the dance hall, Christine immediately ordered a drink and washed it down quickly. For the first hour every thing seemed all right except Christine would only dance the slow numbers. She had two more drinks. In country dancing there's lot of fun action and I found myself sitting most of these dances out. Finally I insisted on dancing and practically dragged Christine on the dance floor. I was having a good time when I gave Christine a quick twirl and got the shock of my life. As her skirt twirled high around her waist, there were no pink panties, just naked ass cheeks and a light patch of her pubic hair. Needless to say we immediately sat down but not until several couples gave my wife a standing ovation.After another rum and coke, Christine explained what happened to her panties. Back at the gas station she had to squeeze through the bikers to get to the ladies.
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