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I will complete everything and share with you as soon as possible friends. To know about me more please read my previous stories.Ok coming to the story. It is a bit long to give a clear picture. When I joined the team, this character was on pregnancy leave so I wasn’t able to talk to her or know her. But I had some adventures with my other colleagues, which I shared earlier. And back to the story.She came after a long time and everyone greeted her. But I was staring at her cleavage which is very much visible in her salwar. Then welcomed her. Sorry people forgot to give her introduction. Her name is Revathy. Now she is at 29 with 34C-32-36. The perfect figure to have a good sex. Days passed well. And she always came to me to get help. Whenever she came I used to stare at her boobs and cleavage, when she returned I used to watch her bouncing ass. Now we both became good friends. One day she invited me to her house. We group of people went to her house and had some fun.By that time only. They had been going at it. It had been so hot to listen to.But I needed to distract my son.“I’m coming in,” I said and turned the door.I thrust it open. Kevin was sitting on his bed playing his XBox, the Christian rock masking the sounds of the shooting. He paused the game to look at me. His jaw dropped and excitement grew as he saw me in the lingerie.“M-Mom,” he said, his blue eyes going wide. He looked so much like his father. Young, though. Vulnerable and innocent. It was so exciting. He licked his lips, a mix of fear and lust crossing his face as he stared at me.He salivated for me. For his sexy mother.“It’s Mommy, remember,” I purred as I closed the door behind me and let out a throaty sound of hunger. “I need to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything I taught you. Come here and eat your mother out.”He swallowed. “W-what about Dad, Mommy?”“He’s busy.” I crooked my finger at him, staring at him with hungry eyes.He paused his game and then stood up. He wore a t-shirt that clung.
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