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No one ever paid as well as the Mage's council, but they also expected much more. But this would be a mission that was full of adventure as well."Do they want all of us to go?" asked Rachel."Yep. Mainly because all of us are somehow expected to figure out a way to stop a war between two neighboring Kingdoms. The Kingdoms of Trestenall and Patella are the ones being targeted. The council said that it is only a matter of time before they start fighting each other," said Dusty."But why are we going there for council business? Didn't you always tell me that the Mage's council won't ever use their power to get involved in fights between Kingdoms?" asked Suzan."Normally they don't, but this is a special case. It seems that it's a fight of Magic that isn't quite magic and they want to know what is going on. People are reporting weird sounds right before entire buildings are detonated. No one can predict when the attacks will happen or detect the magic being used," said Dusty."Long as they. Unfortunately, their ship's computer experienced a malfunction and did not wake them prior to the point of deceleration. This eventuality had been predicted, and mission control would have dealt with the problem, had not mankind been ravaged and civilization brought down by a devastating plague mere months after the launch.Roger and his colleagues continued their voyage, slumbering in stasis, unaware of the disaster that had befallen their homeworld. Their slumber continued, even after a massive meteor fell to Earth and destroyed all that remained of humanity, and any chance the astronauts may have had of being rescued. Decades became centuries, centuries became millennia, and Roger slept, as the ship's system broke down one by one, his fellow astronauts perishing as their life-support systems failed.But just in the nick of time, Roger found salvation, for the universe was filled with sentient life, more fortunate than doomed humanity. The derelict vessel was retrieved by Kofa.
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