Enjoy With Vegi

"And these things just fell out. And opened up. I saw the catches on them and I figured they'd be really easy to get off, but they're fucking not." Actually, they fucking are," I said, pushing myself off the door and walking toward her. "You have to press them at the same time."She tried to twist her wrists around to press the two catches simultaneously, but by that point I was already across the room. I grabbed hold of the little chain between the two cuffs in one hand and backed her up against the wall."Terry," she murmured, squirming helplessly as she felt my other hand exploring her body, caressing her stomach, squeezing her breast, tickling her thigh, and then finally diving inside her thong. "Terry, yes."I pushed her hands down behind her head, and lowered my mouth to her chest. I would like to think that just the touch of my lips on her nipple sent a shiver through her body. On the other hand, the fingers of my right hand could have accounted for that, too. My index and ring. . ?" Sherry asked, blushing."Yup," Camille said. "And time is of the essence. Lynette said five minutes, and she'll give you more like ten, but don't hesitate too much." What happens afterward?" I asked.Camille continued grinning. "Jim will like this part. Each of the cheerleaders will come over and kiss Jim and Danny. Some of the girls may get hot and heavy with this, but this shouldn't bother Sherry, since you two aren't really dating. After the boys are kissed, the girls will kiss Sherry and Jackie, and most of them won't be as sexy as they will get with the boys."I shrugged. I figured that there were worse things that could happen. "That's it?" There will be a bit more formality, actually. Nothing else. Once it's over, Sherry and Jackie can get their clothes and leave. We then initiate the seniors." What do you do with the seniors?" Sherry asked."You'll find out some other time," Camille answered cryptically. "Now, Jim, it's time you two got started."I took a deep breath and.
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