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And I’m entitled to what is rightfully mine. I’ve fought thru the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, the Indian War with Custer at Little Big Horn, plus I’m up for the lead in “The Ballad of Andy Crocker” returning from the bush, and not Audra’s, but, Joey’s, so don’t even start about Audra. She’s as pure as the driven snow in Donner’s Pass. And I’m no longer sixth. I’m fifth. My half-brother Eugene came up missing shortly after I came up declaring.”Doc: “Joey’s?” To-him-self.Doc: “Don’t get touchy, bast, I mean Heath. We don’t get much gossip here about unless it comes from The Big Valley. Your family is always up to something; sticking their noses into everybody else’s business, running the whole valley, which you own, like from Northern California right to the tip of Southern California, East to the border of the Cartwright spread, and let me tell you Ben has quite a spread, but, nothing compares to the spread that Miss Victoria Barkley presents, huh, kid? You ever get a peek at. I put on my nice long nails, painted them bright cherry red, applied some bright red lip stick. For clothes I used my white bra with size D falsies, pink thong that fits nice and tight so I can tuck myself (i always lube my ass with a gob of strawberry flavored lube so i'm immediately ready and put a touch on my clitty in case he wants to try oral on me), nice black see through top that looks esp sexy when you can see my bra when on, a nice short white skirt, black thigh highs, pearl choker, nice long hoop earrings, long blond wig and a pair of black high heels. I had a nice buzz going do to drinking some red wine during all this and was getting very excited so I wasnt about to be shy. I received a text now that he was just about a mile away so I check myself over in the mirror, adjust my wig, grab my purse and head for the living room where I put a nice TS porn movie on while I await for him to ring the door bell. Soon the bell rings, I get up to to meet him for the very first.
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