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Sera kissed a fiery path down his neck, bit his collarbone and let out a soft possessive growl. Thomas was far from helpless and he let his own hands wander over Sera's body, brushing his nipples and delighting in making the other boy shiver in pleasure. Sera leant back and surveyed him, strands of dark hair falling in his face.Removing clothing was an ungraceful affair as both tried to get out of jeans and socks and shoes as fast as they could. Sera lost his balance and fell to the floor. Thomas collapsed on the bed laughing hard, then slid off. Sera giggled."I think I'm drunk." Muttered Thomas."You can't be," Sera replied, recovering somewhat, "You haven't drunk anything."Thomas kissed him with unexpected fervour."Drunk on you," he said between kisses and laughter.Sera held him back, one hand tight on his jaw, eyes smouldering. Thomas stopped laughing. They managed to rise to the bed, Sera easing himself down over the other boy, each letting out a hiss as their arousal's touched.. She seemed a lot calmer and so I released her from my bear hug and dug a handkerchief out of my pocket to dab her wet face. ‘I’m sorry, Jay,’ she mumbled, ‘Everything has been so good this last couple of months and I just don’t want it to all fall apart again.’ ‘It won’t, I promise,’ I said. ‘Now you need to go downstairs and give Mum a hug so that she knows we both support her, this is really hard for her too, you know.’ I followed her down and when I looked into the sitting room she was sitting with Mum, and they were talking quietly and calmly. I took my fleece jacket and a bottle of lager and walked down the garden to my shed and sat in my old wooden armchair in the dark and smoked, and thought about Mum and Emma and Maggie. Emma was right, since Dad went Mum and I had developed a sort of partnership, a special closeness, we had never excluded Emma but the social structure of our little trio had subtly changed. From the shed I could see the back of the house and watched the.
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