"Photographs or films which show people engaged in sexual activity or depicted in a sexual way or with their genitals exposed, where what is shown would not usually be seen in publicDefinition of 'revenge porn', Ministry of JusticeThe amendment will cover images sent on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. It will also include those sent by text message."This type of behaviour can be extremely distressing for its victims causing them significant psychological harm," said Adam Pemberton, assistant chief executive for charity Victim Support."We are pleased that people who commit these gross violations of privacy will now face prosecution, and victims of revenge porn know they have the full backing of the law."'Never acceptable'Victims of revenge porn have found it difficult to have pictures removed from the internet.Many sites where the images are hosted are based outside the UK, and requests to remove content are often ignored.In some cases, asking for removal results in more. Now my cock was bursting to ejaculate my sperm inside Reka; so I got her to stand up facing the wall. Leaning forward, she spread her legs as far as she could, exposing her dripping wet vulva. Looking at her dripping wet cunt, I could not resist myself from licking her vaginal juices. The more I licked, the more wet she became. It was a losing battle trying to lap up all her cunt juices, so I stood up and penetrated her welcoming vagina with my hot, wet cock. I thrust my cock as deep as it could go and worked it like a piston. I came only after about 10 strokes, ejaculating my hot sperm inside her. When we had finished fucking, we got dressed and quickly made our way to Reka’s room in the brothel to continue fucking some more. We spent the whole night fucking until we were both sore and exhausted.The experience in the toilet was extremely erotic for both of us. Since then, until this very day, we have shit sex regularly; sometimes up to once per week. Most of the time we have shit sex.
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