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. Mrs. Emily Wilson."Mrs. Wilson my name is Jackson Conner and I'm with Culligan, you know from the TV ad, 'Hey Culligan Man'. I understand that you made an appointment with out marketing department for this morning." Yes Mr. Conner I did, please come in."The woman opened the door and Jackson walked into the house. It was your typical residential two story home, living room, den, formal dining room and kitchen on the ground floor and four bedrooms upstairs. It was well appointed, the decorations lovely and the furniture new and sparkling clean but it was the beautiful Emily Wilson that caught his eye.Jackson realized that Emily was around 30 or so, a tall woman that he estimated at maybe 5'9" with light brown hair that came down past her shoulders and framed her light green eyes. Her bust line was big but her bust size seemed to be irrelevant as she was at least seven months pregnant. She was wearing a blouse that buttoned up the front and the top two buttons were undone giving. “Remember that Korean girl we had here last rotation, Jeun? He was obsessed with her, always wanting to spend time with Jeun. She said he was a big tipper, treated her great. Since she left he hasn’t been with any of the girls or me, which is a shame because Jeun also told me he has some very impressive equipment!” She smiled brilliantly at Aleski.“So I don’t know, he’s not a bad guy but he has a thing for Asian girls, hasn’t had any pussy in months and I know he is a fighter. He could be trouble for our little oriental rose in MedBay” Crystal giggled just a bit at her own joke.Aleksi nodded slowly, scrolling through the miners’ file. “Yeah, he’s a little bit of a tough guy and he has been in his share of scraps, here and on previous contracts.” He quickly re-read a report on a bar fight in which the miner had beaten two other men unconscious, even though one of them had cut the miner very badly with a knife. Crystal nodded. “His appointment is in a few minutes, right? Maybe we.
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