My Wet Pussy Licked And Fucked

I call it the game. I don't remember a metal table in my games.I hear a metal door screech open. Someone walks into the room, closing the door with a clank. It sounds like...are those high heels?"Awake yet, fucker?" A woman's voice asks. She walks around into my field of vision as I lift my head somewhat.. She looks like a dominatrix, all leather and latex. Her leather apron and latex gloves freak me out. This isn't the kind of thing I'm into."Whr mmmeye?" I mumble."Awake it is. Good, I was hoping you'd be. It'll be so much more satisfying for you to experience everything."As she talks, I begin to take in more of my surroundings. From the feeling of things, the table I'm laying on has more cutouts than just the face hole. My pecks each have a cutout as well. I try to stand up, but I can't. There's some type of strap across my waist, keeping me down. Hang on a second. I'm standing, not laying down. I'm bent over at the waist onto this table. I feebly flail around, but whatever drugs. As I chokeda globule of sperm flew out of my nose, snotty and disgusting but still hewouldn't release my head, just when I thought I couldn't take anymore he beganto withdraw so I could swallow what was left inside my mouth. Small amountswere at the corners of my mouth and running down my chin which he scooped upwith his finger and held out to me to lick clean. Playtime I was still on my knees looking up at P. his eyes were heavy and he had asmall smile playing across his mouth, as I stared at him his eyes flew openand he reached down to pull me up, with a gentle push I was directed towardsthe stairs but before I could begin the climb to my bedroom my knickers wereonce again pushed to one side and his wandering hand began to roam across mybottom. ?Your arse is fucking gorgeous babe? he murmured, ?I can't wait to make itred and hot for me, then I'm gonna fuck that tight hole until you scream!? I loved what he was saying, the way he said it and wiggled my cheeks in approval,with a.
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