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She had a fair amount of fat taken off, with her tits lifted and made firmer. They were going to look a lot more like Mrs. Cooper's than they had before: less sag and more self-supporting. Jun-Hee left those large areolae and long nipples of hers the same. Isabel's 'big black booty' would be a 'slightly smaller black booty', but still looking good and still two good handfuls. The twins were there to see what their Mum was going to look like. Basically she would be a younger-looking version of herself. Still large and cuddlesome, but not as overweight. I wasn't consulted, but I could certainly fancy the new version. I couldn't wait to get my hands on those revised tits. Mrs. Cooper's weren't available, but Isabel's pair looked like they would be almost as good.Jun-Hee had already been through the tubes for her changes. She'd just had herself grow a bit taller. She kept her tits small, so I presumed that was the way she and Diane liked them. Diane had her remodelling done that. A moment later I felt something slap the small of my back."I'm sorry," Dee apologized. "You know, I'm not used to my arm being so long." I'm sure you won't let it happen again," I allowed. Then, a moment later, I saw something in the corner of my eye, grabbed it, and yanked."Ouch! That hurts!" Dee exclaimed, stomping her spike heel."Sorry," I replied, "I thought that wasn't going to happen again." Like I said, I'm not used to my arm being so long. Let go, huh? You're still hurting me."Small wonder. For one thing, I was keeping a very firm grip on her wrist. For another, I was digging my fingernails into it. Dee stomped her spike heel again, then she snarled and bared her teeth. For some reason, she was wearing long pointed ones. Perhaps it was the cafeteria food."Good thing I moved my foot, isn't it?" I probed. "I'm surprised you didn't see that." You startled me, that's all," she replied. "Now, would you let go of me?"I did, but only because Nurse Nystrom called the session to.
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