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’ Lila stopped in surprised relief. ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Is it important to you?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Then we’ll do it.’ Lila felt tears sting her eyes. ‘Did you really think I would say no?’ He asked sounding faintly insulted. ‘You never talked about wanting a pet and I hinted at it before, talking about how many animals are put to sleep each year, how people drop sick or traumatized animals off without a second thought and how difficult it is to find proper homes for them.’ ‘I didn’t get it, thought you were venting. Next time just come out and ask Princess. If it’s important to you, then that’s all that matters. There’s enough space and I don’t have allergies.’ ‘Thank you.’ ‘There’s nothing to thank me for… just can you try to get us a dog? I’m not really a cat person.’ ‘Oh.’ ‘Dang it.’ ‘It’s just that there are so many cats who-‘ ‘Okay fine! Just try to find a friendly cat if there is such a thing.’ He sensed Lila leaning up and over to him and then felt a sharp little bite on his lobe. ‘Yikes!. That was one of the great things about living there.Tim remembered Paige's last surprise. On a winter night preview in November, Tim went to Paige's apartment to pick her up for dinner. She answered the door dressed in a set of strings that pretended to be a thong bathing suit. Paige must have spent hours shaving her pussy, because when Tim glanced down he didn't find a hair anywhere. Later, after a second inspection with his fingers and a third inspection with his tongue he still came up empty. The temperature in the apartment was 80 degrees. She had a beach blanket in the middle of the living room floor and had posters and accessories that made it feel like a Caribbean Island. With reggae music in the background they ate from a picnic basket and made torrid love on the blanket for three hours. Tim was getting hard just from the memory.The knock on his door jolted him from his daydreaming."Come in."Paige stepped into the office, closed the door and locked it. "Hi Professor," came.
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