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’ I respond, ‘It’s about time you let me prove it’ You feel my fingers deep inside of you hitting your G-spot, my mouth wrapped around your clit My tongue flicking it. I start picking up the pace with my tongue, sucking harder Sliding my entire tongue over your clit while my fingers are teasing your pussy. You are so wet and hot, your hips are thrusting. You are moaning, starting to let yourself go now You are starting to fuck my face. Your hands grab my head, you hold me there firmly as you grind your hips into my face. My fingers feel you start to gush, I start sucking with everything I have. As you start to scream You tell me, ‘don’t stop, eat my pussy, and make me cum!’ Your clit in my mouth, you can feel the pressure on it, my fingers pushing deeper inside of you You scream out, ‘Jesus Christ!’ You grab my head and let out a loud scream, you yell ‘I’m cumming, don’t fucking stop!’ I’m just along for the ride now, your hips are thrusting and your pussy is dripping. I’m sucking. She answered few questions and later on started to cry, i said sry aunt i shud not have started this topic and i consoled her after sometimes she started to tell me everything, i know what she saying is true that her husband is not giving her enough attention both mentally and physically.And on vacation days when he was here he will be sleeping continuously he even forgot our marriage day and saying this she was uncontrollably sobbing i felt sry for her i said come let’s move to the balcony as ur crying could wakeup ur children she too agreed we moved to the balcony it is open with no ceiling there we chatted for some time, finally i said if u need any help just inform me i will be there to cheer up k by saying this i wiped her tears from her face, she hugged me suddenly and again started to sob i was just caressing her hair, i thought her hug was normal out of affection, but i was proved wrong when she said to me looking in my eyes plz make love to me, i can see that u r eyeing me,.
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