Hot Girl Alone In The Bathroom

Acting as if he didn't hear her, Wayne stared intently at the screen. It was then that he realized that his cock was hard and throbbing in his pants and his excitement had him all but trembling. With his back to the door, he was seemingly intent looking at the screen in front of him. He heard Cheryl behind him but acted as if he didn't. Then he detected that she sucked in her breath and suddenly there wasn't a sound behind him. His niece had froze up on the spot, and obviously was looking at each picture from behind him.Finally, she let out her breath and, almost as if she was afraid that her uncle would hear that and think that she was spying, she managed to whisper, "U-uncle Wayne?"Wayne turned around with his seat, not immediately hiding the gallery. Cheryl's eyes were racing from the computer screen to him. Her face was flushed, as she obviously understood what was happening with the girl in the pictures.After staring into his niece's eyes for about 15 seconds, Wayne suddenly. What was this, a magic store? He couldn't imagine anything like this place lasting in a blue-collar neighborhood like his! He had to find out what was going on. Soon Ben was bursting through the front door of the shop, not noticing the gentle tinkle of the bell above the door. As he surveyed the novelties, gadgets and assorted gee gaws piled high, he was reminded of a junk shop that had been in place for decades; certainly not a store that couldn't have been there more than a couple of days. Things kept getting stranger. A bearded man wearing what appeared to be a bathrobe covered with strange symbols appeared from the rear of the shop. "Hi, Ben," the old man said. "Don't worry about Ralph's ... just think of him as being on a short vacation. But don't worry, I know just what you need, and ever better, I have just the thing for you." "Huh?" Ben said. "Who the heck are you, and how did you know--" "I'm a wizard, Ben," the old man said. "I dedicate myself to helping people in need.
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