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No film up to that time had seriously explored the potent gray area between art and pornography; in so doing, Oshima exposed and overturned many of the conventions of both. Like vintage Luis Buñuel, Oshima skewers expectations of "proper" art by shocking the audience; instead of Buñuel's slashed eyeballs and cross-dressing lepers, Ai presents the viewer with the actual act of sex. Oshima also exposes the voyeurism inherent in both pornography and cinema in general: virtually every sex scene (and there are many) is either witnessed by a third party or photographed through a window, so that the audience itself feels like a witness. Moreover, Oshima overturns heterosexual pornography's prevailing convention of women's serving men by having Ai's female protagonist dominate her willingly submissive lover. This story was based on a sensational true tale in which an ex-prostitute turned maid wandered the streets of Tokyo, clutching the dismembered organ of her lover after a particularly. “I want a tan, an all-over tan.” Ha, I thought. “You’re not going to get an ‘all over’ tan wearing that suit,” I said. “It’ll leave stripes all over you, just like you have now. You should see yourself. You’re a mess.” She looked at me. She blinked her eyes rapidly and her chest heaved, the nipples on her tits showing through the material. I had hurt her feelings. I could see a tear gathering the corner of one eye.”Really?” she asked, choking back a sob. I shook my head. “Not really, I’m sorry.”She looked down at herself, and then, without another word, reached behind her head and pulled off her top. I was surprised by the sudden display of naked female flesh. She was beautiful. Her tits were perfect round little melons, centered by dusky red nipples each sticking out firmly. Her tits were upright, jutting up in the air a little. I looked around to be sure that no one was approaching. Off in the distance, I could see another boat, one with an outboard. It was heading in the other.
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