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She says three words that are music to my ears “I want you”. I stood up and kiss her lightly on the lips, the cheeks, her nose and eyelids all the while running your hands lightly down her back. She moans, just quietly, so that only I just hear her. I gently laid her on the bed and just gaze into her eyes. She knew that I want her too feeling my erection pressing into her stomach. She smiled with a dreamy look on her face and I know that I now have her to do with what I will. Kissing her face once more I then start to move down to her neck and ears, just below her ear I kissed her and then blow on her neck then gently nibble on her ear which sends her writhing under me, her moaning started to get louder now.I moved down towards her shoulder and slip the straps down and kiss all the way from one shoulder to the next all the while easing the silk like outfit down her body and kneeling up to remove the rest she whimpers at the loss of my body, my heat, my kisses. She lied there naked. "This should do them justice." He said. Her tender skin tightened, the cream firming the points even more giving her an embarrassing tingling down her spine.She gave a silent gasp her sexy mouth making a sensuous oval shape. "Ooooooooo!"He then produced a long rubber hose from a side cabinet. "Now Maria I want you to suck off both these captive warders while we give you an enema." Maria could hear the alarms still ringing, distant shout and even sounds of shotgun fire. She began to realize no one may come here for some hours.Her wild eyes betrayed her thoughts. "Please I'll do what you want just keep your part of the deal."The warders tried their best to resist, but it was impossible. Each time they closed their eyes the cons would slap them making them look down. Maria was alternating between each hard cock slurping and gagging from time to time as Randy pushed her head too far onto them. The skirt was gone only a half ripped blouse hardly covering her giggling melons remained with.
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