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Dusty put them in an old jeep and ran them slowly through some of the ranch, explaining the operation and how it was done. When they were through, they sat down in his quiet office and he finally laid out his offer.Marty and Leigha hoped their jaws were not hanging open.The money was not great but it was much more than they made now. But the real kicker was the package deal. In addition to Marty's full time job Leigha was offered a part time position. She would be doing ranch chores she loved and get at paid least some money. Enough to make a real difference.It was already a good deal they knew they wouldn't refuse. But when Dusty offered them a small cottage on site for free Leigha thought about going over the table to kiss him. Kiss him, hell! She would have given him a blowjob right in front of Marty!They couldn't believe their luck. And it all turned out to be exactly as promised.Life was good at the ranch and in their household. Marty loved the truck driving part of the job and. He directed us to a hall where a woman was giving towel and soap for a price. She gave us two towels and one piece of soap. We asked for one more soap; she gave one for extra money but looked a little surprised. When we went in we saw four bathroom doors with men and women (mostly foreign tourists) standing in queue in front of the doors. We stood in different queues. I noticed that every body was looking at us; I did not understand why. After a minute or so, one door opened and a couple came out; another couple went in. This struck us as a bit odd and on asking another couple we found out that in the adjacent temple only a couple is allowed to offer puja and before that they should have bath together in the spring water. After realizing the situation Rahul and I looked at each other in embarrassment. He came and joined me in my queue and told me in an undertone “We have two options – either we both go back or we both have bath in the same cubicle.”I was in a dilemma. As I was in a.
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