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I also found an inlet tube which went through the wall into the monitor room. I noted its position so I knew where to look in the room when I returned to it.Climbing back up the ladder and closing the trap door, I followed the small tube to where it branched out. Following one, it lead to the air vent above the bed. I followed the other one and it led to the air vent above the ensuite.Satisfied that I had found something, I exited the cavity space and returned to the monitor room. I felt around the desk and cupboards where the inlet pipe entered the room, and found a small catch that opened up a hidden panel.Inside the hidden panel I found another book, and a strange rectangular device attached to the tube.Taking the book, I returned to the comfy chair and sat down to read the book.The book told me everything about the system, and also about the substance contained in the tanks.It was an aphrodisiac that the previous owner had created and perfected. The rectangular box was the mixing. They glowed white. I was frozen. Whether it was from her beauty, or the fact that she appeared at all, was beyond me."Intrafe. I need you to calm down. I'm nothing more than a lost traveller, much like yourself." Lost? Wait, what do you mean?" I asked, much calmer now. I felt as though I was incapable of getting angry of the beauty that lied before me."I am Styne. I cannot tell you how happy... and sad, I am to meet you." She said, before approaching me. I wanted to reply but found myself unable to speak. "You're a lost soul, just like me. Just like all of us. You're welcome here, in our sanctuary. They cannot harm you, here." Styne, right?" I asked, taking one step back. "Listen, I'm confused. The last thing I was doing was sitting there working on the computer. Now I'm here. At least explain to me where here is, and what I did to get here."She gave a soft smile, before taking another step towards me. Her hand raised to my cheek, and I could feel a tingle of static electricity.
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