“Wow you are becoming a mover, and a shaker. Always remember to move carefully, and you will not only hold on to your power. You most likely become even more powerful, Teddy.” Dad said.The rest of the day went smoothly I was getting ready to go home early as the latest shipment of Root Beer was here and I wanted to hide a few cases in one of my cars before the vultures known as my girls arrived at the house.There was a loud banging outside my office door before it opened force fully. “I need to talk to you Teddy it is very important, and it can’t wait!” Some strange woman shouted at me. My Dad had just left my office a few minutes ago. “Ma’am I don’t even know who you are?” I said questionably, calm. I waved off my secretary as she was still trying hard restrain the woman.“I know that it has been nearly eighteen years since you last saw me. Have I aged that badly that you don’t remember a woman that you once had a lengthy relationship with? I can see that you don’t look like you have. "No. God no!" The strangled cry was wrenched from Peter's soul as he fled, crashing through the door, stumbling blindly down the steps.He could never remember how he made it home; the drive, his tears were a complete blur. He ignored the constantly ringing phone, the tearful messages that accumulated on his machine. They slowed and eventually stopped. Christmas cards still arrived each year to be dumped in the trash, unopened and unacknowledged.He returned to the present with a start and opened the door. No bell, no knock, simply entering the home after his self imposed exile. Quietly, the old words came unbidden to his lips. "Mom, Dad. I'm home."The low hum of machinery came from the dining room this time. He retraced his path of that fateful day seven years before to find the dining room transformed into a sickroom. His father lay on the hospital bed, looking incredibly, impossibly frail. His mother stood by the bed and old Father John was murmuring low and... it could only be the.
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