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"Back to his camp. His father is the leader. Carga followed my Father, Mother, Sister, and I after we escaped. He hit my Father on the head with his club and I'm afraid Father is dead too. He also beat my Mother with his fist, and I know she is hurt badly. My sister ran away when he captured me, but maybe she returned to help mother after Carga took me away," she said."Were they holding you prisoner?" No, it was our camp too, but we left after Carga killed Dendal, who was to be my mate. We tried to get away from them, but Carga followed us. He said his father, the leader, gave me to him," she said."How far away is your mother? Should we go and try to help her?" I asked."I'm not sure how far it is, a mile, maybe a little more, but it will be dark before we could get there," she said."Can you walk?" I asked, and she stood up and took a few steps."It doesn't hurt very badly. I can walk if we go slowly. I don't think I can trot though," she said."We will walk then. I think we should go. Look in the mirror, this thing actually gives you a little bit of cleavage."Bob turned to the mirror and leaned forward slightly, amazed at how sexy he felt in bra and panty hose. Marveling that indeed this bra managed to push his chest enough to give a hint of rounded flesh."Here you go, baby, you're going to like this." Casey pulled a black sheath from behind some other dresses. "Slip this on."Bob wiggled into the dress, feeling it cling to his body. He felt as if he was wrapped in black SaranWrap. The dress fit perfectly. It had a long slit up one side; no sleeves, a high neck and a heart shaped opening in the bodice. The point of the heart accentuated the newly formed little tits that the bra forced up."Here. Step into these shoes." Casey slid a pair of low heeled, black, open shoes onto his feet. "Move around a little bit now. Let's see how this is going to work."Bob stepped haltingly back and forth in front of the mirror. Wobbling on the low heels, he looked rather ungainly yet.
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