Rahul & Kiran

They had a victory orgy last night and no one is alert." Very well, Boris. Lead a squad in with the rest of us following. We will attack upon your command or action whichever occurs first. Once in the square, we will spread out and begin to take them one house at a time."That's what we did. Maxine was dead and I stabbed Mason through the heart to stop his suffering. It stayed quiet except for a young girl around eight years old who we gently grabbed. She wanted to tell about her mother and sister. We went to their house first and began to go in and capture the Sin Loos. The mother was dead and the sister badly hurt. Both had been raped repeatedly and then tortured. The two men still there were killed and their bodies removed from the dwelling.We continued on a house-by-house basis utilizing those men I felt could enter quietly and differentiate between good guys and bad guys. We also began to collect prisoners. One was the leader of the group. He was Bonder's son, Bonden. The. I found a silk blouse with a sufficiently plunging neck line and slipped it on. The soft material immediately made my bare nipples hard. We arrived at Brandon's house a couple minutes before 10 and as we pulled into the drive I noticed a strange car in the driveway. I looked at Doug? He shrugged his shoulders in ignorance.Brandon opened the door just as we were preparing to ring the doorbell. As soon as he closed the door behind me he ordered me to turn around. I obeyed immediately. He placed some kind of blindfold over my eyes. "Wimp, guide her into the living room."I felt Doug's hand on my arm and allowed him to lead me. I was now terrified. What did the second car mean? As we entered the living room I hear a cat call style whistle. It was not Brandon. Someone else was in the room. "Brandon, you were not lying when you said your new slut was hot as hell. Dressed like that there isn't a black cock on the East Coast that wouldn't want to try some of that. I felt myself blush. I then.
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