As I approached Picket Post the endless cups of tea had finally caught up with me and I was dying to go for a pee. I turned off onto the Burley road and drove a short way passing the first car park as it is exposed and turning into the more secluded one slightly down the road. I expected the car park to be empty but instead there were 3 cars parked in it. Not deterred I parked and got out. From the far end I heard an ecstatic female groan and as I peered I could see 3 bodies writhing in the moonlight inside the car. I could not see a lot as the windows were steamed up but it was obvious what they were doing, good luck to them I thought.As I moved round the car towards the woods I took closer notice of the car I had to pass. Standing against the front passenger door was a tall elegant woman dressed in black leather boots with a heel, skin tight leather look trousers and a well cut black jacket. Her dark hair cascaded over her shoulder and you could not help but notice the. But a half naked woman walking along on Party Street Memphis would soon be surrounded by admirers, so I curbed my instinct and held her hand as we strolled. The restaurant was up a flight of stairs and as we'd had a drink or two by then. I worried about Liza climbing up them. "You want to sit down a moment and take off your heels?" I asked. She looked up and grinned, "YOU want me to don't you?" I nodded yes and she dropped down on the second step. With her skirt well past her hips her pretty pussy was well displayed as she threw her ankle up on her knee to remove her shoes, right first then left. Another couple had arrived at the stairs and I pulled her up to stand and took the shoes. The couple, a stunning blond in a short summer dress and her handsome boyfriend waited patiently, "Very nice show," I heard her comment and turned to see the man nod agreement. "Would you like to go ahead of us?" Liza asked. "No, I mean of course, please go up and we'll be right behind that behind...I.
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