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’ I should have died, but the beggars guild found me.“For the next year, that bastard added a new requirement for joining the guild. First they had to track me down, and drag me back. After dinner, the potential recruit would present me to him. The bastard would tell everyone about how I tried to join with an agility of one, they would all laugh. Then he would dip a stiletto in greater synoeca venom, and stab me with it. A few hours later, after my screaming died down, they would throw me out.“Several times a month someone would drag me back. They always found me, no matter what I did”After some thought, I said, “Would you make another oath, if I promised to kill him and destroy his guild once I’m finished here?”Suddenly she was in my arms, face inches from mine. I had caught her instinctively when she leapt up. “YES! What oath? I’ll swear almost anything.” Her tail wagged violently. Her tail has hardly moved since I met her. So, that’s a big yes. To bad she doesn’t have anything left. But seriously, kind of a letdown. ‘You motherfucker. What the fuck?’ I can’t believe my own energy, my own strength, struggling at the restraints. The ferocity in my voice scares me. I’ll punch him so hard in the face. ‘Here, I’ve got a glass of water for you,’ the everydayness, the calm, it pisses me off more than anything else. ‘You’ll have to lift your head to drink it. Just a little. C’mon, honey, you can do it,’ his hand at the back of my head as if to help me. I’ll pull these straps or whatever out of the damned wall. I’ll rip them apart. He’s got the rim of the glass to my lips, my mouth is clenched shut. He’s tilting it, pouring. Water runs down my chin, neck, down over my shoulders and tits. I can’t fit what’s happening into any picture I’ve seen before. I’m so thirsty but won’t drink. I hate my husband, this lovely man who’s cared for me beyond what anyone could ever even ask for, let alone expect, for far too long. My nipples are hardening as the water passes over them,.
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