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In the end, with time not fully wasted, each has been able to reconsider things. Thankfully Jill was able to play mediator and bring them back together, because who knows if they ever would have on their own.“You’re too hard on yourself,” Chance counters. “I’m the one who is sorry for jumping the gun and blowing you off.”“No, you’re too hard on yourself,” she says. “Sometimes I want what I want and don’t like not getting it.”“Isn’t that everybody?” he asks, smiling. “And maybe we’re just too hard on ourselves.”Another tear runs down across her cheeks and this time she makes no attempt to stop it. Instead, she just smiles a little sadly, walks over to the bed and sits on his lap. They don’t speak for a while, just nuzzle their faces and reflect. All the intimacy an affection they have been missing these last few months is flooding back in.Chance places his hand on her cheek and it feels cool and moist from the tears. He looks deeply into her beautiful eyes and remembers that he lost a. Naomi sat on the sofa and explained that once she got my address she realised i was only across the city and i had turned her on so much that she had to deliver them in person and maybe some extras thrown in if i was 'up for it'.Up for it i said, cant you tell and with that i dropped my shorts to reveal my raging hard on, she licked her lips and said that as much as she wanted my cock, i had to satisfy myself with her panties first. I Just nodded as she told me to get on my knees and sniff her panties that she was wearing. I took a big sniff, It was amazing she smelled so great, i couldnt wait, my tongued darted out and tasted her lacy panties covered in her sweet juices, she gasped, then told me to lick her pussy through her panties with that i started licking her pussy, she dropped her dress skirt back down over my head and pulled it tight so i could hardly move, my tongue was licking and her pussy was seeping through her panties then all of a sudden her orgasm hit and she let me.
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