His Boss Using Me

" The three men continued working their way to the head of the line pushing and shoving as they went. If they came to an especially beautiful woman (and all the women in sight were very pretty at the least) they took time to harass her and if possible fondle her. Finally they were out of sight. Tim could still hear the uproar as they progressed toward the head of the line. To his disgust he could see much the same thing going on in other lines. He wondered why someone didn't enforce some discipline here. He also wondered why Rod and his friends looked so young. Come to think about it he looked as if he was still in his late 20's. What was going on? Hell, he was 96 his last birthday and was stooped, flabby and wrinkled.Tim stood and resumed his place in line. He pondered the situation as he and some of the others in the lines stood and looked around. The little scene Tim had gone through was being repeated over and over yet the lines were still slowly moving forward. Bullies seemed. " I handed her the key to the back door. "Why don't you go in and put the water on and I'll be along in a bit. I just need to get things in order before I lock up."As we sat across the kitchen table chatting, I kept thinking about what Mrs. James had said about Andrea having a 'thing' for me. I so hoped she was right but I wasn't so confident of her opinion that I was ready to make any rash moves. If she were wrong, putting on a full-court press would just ruin everything.There were some encouraging signs, though. A couple of times she reached over and touched my hand as we talked and woven into the conversation were a few comments about how sweet she thought I was and that girls at school must be coming on to me all the time because I was such a nice looking guy. I wanted nothing more than to just lean across the table and plant one on that beautiful mouth but I couldn't quite work up the steam. So sue me! Don Juan I ain't!Finally, Andrea gets this really exasperated look on her face.
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